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Deewan e Rahman Baba Pashto Poetry Pdf Book

Deewan e Rahman Baba

Deewan e Rahman Baba By Abdur Rahman Baba Poetry Book

Deewan e Rahman Baba is authored by the great Sufi Poet Abdur Rahman known as Rahman Baba. Deewan e Rahman Baba contains very beautiful poetry of Abdur Rahman Baba.
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Abdur Rahman Baba was born in 1653 at Badadar Kali, Peshawar. Rahman Baba belongs to Ghoryakhel Mohmand sub tribe, migrated from the Hindu Kush mountains to the Peshawar valley. He grew up outskirts of Peshawar, Rahman Baba apparently lived peacefully in the area, and never involved in the fierce inter-tribal conflicts at that time.
Rahman Baba was more likely to have been a simple, though learned man. As he himself claimed: “Though the wealthy drink water from a golden cup, I prefer this clay bowl of mine”
Abdur Rahman Baba died in 1715 , and his tomb is housed in a large domed shrine, or mazar, on the southern outskirts of Peshawar. The site of his grave is a popular place for poets and mystics to collect to recite his popular poetry.
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