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Kulyat e Ghani by Khan Abdul Ghani Khan Pashto Poetry book

Kulyat e Ghani

Kulyat e Ghani by Khan Abdul Ghani Khan Pashto Poetry

Kulyat e Ghani is a Pashto Poetry book written by Khan Abdul Ghani Khan, Khan Abdul Ghani Khan was a son of Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan (Bacha Khan), Ghani Khan was born in Hashtnagar (Charsadda) in 1914. He was the  best poet and Philospher of Pashto language of the 20th century.
Ghani Khan visited England, for studying sugar technology, after that he return and started working at Takht Bhai Sugar Mills in 1933. Ghani Khan was also involved in politics for supporting the cause of the Pathans of NWFP. Ghani Khan was arrested by the Government of Pakistan in 1948.  He was remained in prison till 1954, visiting different jails all over Pakistan.
Ghani Khan’s poetry, like his temperament, is anti-political. His other two poem collections are: Panoos and Palwashay. Ghani Khan also wrote The Pathans, a short book in English prose, published in 1958, which like his sculptures and paintings, does not compare well to his poetry, keeping in mind that he is arguably the greatest pashto language poet. He died in March 1996.

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