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The 100 Most Influential Persons By Micahel Hart

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The 100 Most Influential Persons By Micahel Hart in English

The 100 Most Influential Persons is written By Micahel Hart. The 100 Most Influential Persons Book include ranking of most influential persons of all times. The book provides short introduction and historical biography of 100 Great Personalities. Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is placed on top in the ranking of 100 Most influential persons.
This book is solely involved with the question of who were the 100 persons who had the greatest effect on history and on the course of the world. The writer have ranked these 100 persons in order of importance: that is, according to the total amount of influence that each of them had on human history and on the everyday lives of other human beings. Such a group of exceptional people, whether noble or reprehensible, famous or obscure, flamboyant or modest, cannot fail to be interesting; they are the people who have shaped our lives and formed our world.
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