The first color image of the James Webb Telescope released by NASA


The first color image of the James Webb Telescope released by NASA

The James Webb Telescope, scheduled to be launched in 2021, is the most powerful telescope ever built. It will explore the universe using infrared light, which can reveal new mysteries about the origins and evolution of our universe.

The James Webb Telescope is poised to enter space, and the first color image of the telescope has been released. Scientists hope that by unraveling new mysteries of the universe, they will be able to improve our understanding of our place in it.

The first color image of the James Webb Telescope, hoping to unravel new mysteries of the universe

Recently, the US space agency “NASA” released the first color image taken with the help of the James Webb Telescope. NASA described the image as “the deepest and most detailed infrared colorful view of the universe ever, ” showing the lights of galaxies that take billions of years to reach the earth.

The photo was also shown to US President Joe Biden during a press conference. Biden said of the image: “This image is a reminder to the world that the United States can still do great things, and it proves to the American people, especially our children, that we can do anything to the best of our ability. “

“We can see possibilities that no one has seen before; we can reach places that no one has ever had access to,” the president said. He further added, “This is a new look at the history of our universe. It’s amazing to me,”.

James Webb Telescope is the greatest scientific project of the 21st century

The James Webb Telescope is the largest and most powerful telescope ever built at the cost of about ً 10 billion dollars. It was launched into space in December last year. It has been hailed as the greatest scientific project of the 21st century, and when it was launched into space, it was hoped that it would reveal new secrets of space.

President Biden, NASA chief Bill Nelson, and Vice President Kamala Harris were present at the release of the image taken from the James Webb Telescope. More pictures will be released on Tuesday in the presence of the heads of various space agencies.

Bill Nelson said the picture is of the 4.6 billion-year-old group of galaxies SMACS 0723. The total mass of this group of galaxies acts like a gravitational lens, scattering lights from the galaxies behind it.

NASA chief Nelson added that at least one of the lights in the picture is from 13 billion years ago. That is only 800 million years after the Big Bang. Scientists estimate that the universe came into being 13.8 billion years ago due to a huge explosion, the Big Bang.

Nelson said that in the image taken by James Webb, every point of the visible light is a cluster of thousands of galaxies, and it is like seeing a grain of rice from a distance of one hand.

The James Webb Telescope is a hope of discovering new secrets

NASA chief Bill Nelson said: “Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, and the light you seeing has traveled 13 billion years to reach here. But we’re going even further because that’s just the first picture. We’re going back about 13 billion years, and we know that the universe is 13.8 billion years old, so we have actually reached the beginning of the universe..”

The James Webb Telescope was sent into space for all kinds of observations in the sky, but it had two main purposes. The first is to examine distant planets and determine if they fit human habitation, and the second is to obtain images of the first shining stars in the universe.

The image released by NASA reflects the telescope’s ability to achieve the second goal. The telescope can see objects in space that are too faint for other instruments. 

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