Toofan e Hazrat Nooh (a.s)

Toofan e Hazrat Nooh

Toofan e Hazrat Nooh (a.s) By Maulana Muhammad Ishaq Dehlvi

Toofan e Hazrat Nooh (A.S) book is written by Maulana Muhammad Ishaq Dehlvi. The book contains Quranic story of Hazrat Nooh (a.s) , His ship and the ark of Sakeena. Hazrat Nooh (a.s) was the Prophet of Allah.
Hazrat Nooh (a.s) preached his nation almost 950 years but all in vain, only few of them accept Islam. Nooh (a.s) badly despite by his them, therefore Hazran Nooh (a.s) prayed for deliverance & Allah Ta’ala ordered him to build a ship for the preparation of the coming huge flood……
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